Safe and sound in Vancouver, eh?

I have arrived!  After three flights, (and almost missing a 35 minute connection in Las Vegas that had us running/shuttling to the international terminal) I am safe and sound in Vancouver and loving the clean air, the friendly Canucks, and the oh-so-easy and efficient public transportation that has gotten me everywhere for the past 5 […]

Are you still there?!?

Yes, I realize it’s been 3 months since my last post.  But it’s 2010 and we’re all allowed a new start, right?  I don’t know yet if I’ll resolve to post more often in the new year, but I can promise some fun recipes, TV appearances, another trip to the Olympics, and some wedding-related posts. […]

The best present EVER from Levain Bakery…

Last fall, I went to New York for the first time.  EVER.  Shocking, I know.  When I entered the food world three years ago, I set a personal goal for myself: the first time I set foot in New York City, it would be for the Food Network.  And ta dah!  I reached that goal […]

I Heart NY!

I just got back from a busy but fun-filled trip to New York. (Couldn’t get enough of riding on planes after Beijing, I guess!) Lucky for me, I wasn’t alone this time. Michael came along, and my sister Christine flew out from Texas to spend a few days with us. One of my best friends, […]

Home at last!!!

I finally arrived home from my whirlwind month late Wednesday/early Thursday and am finally catching up with things. Whew! Thought I’d share a couple more pictures of Beijing for your viewing pleasure: Thanks for the memories, China!

The Exhaustion has hit…

Five more days until the closing ceremonies! I am having so much fun and every day here is packed with surprises and LOTS of work. The exhaustion has finally hit me; working until 2 am, going out until 4 am, and trying to see events, sightsee, and shop before heading BACK into work each day […]

What a Week…

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy few days, and I finally have the day off!!! Highlights from the past week include: Running into Celebs and Old Friends Serving a dinner to President Bush (Sr), and hosting a luncheon for President Bush (Sr, again), where I was about 5 feet away from him while he was […]