Baby’s first front page!

I’ve been lucky to have had some great “firsts” in my cooking life…first competition, first Food Network appearance, first win…and first front page! This is the article that Sharon Thompson wrote, after our visit together earlier this year.  I so look forward to working with Sharon in the future and really appreciate her coverage of […]

HOLY COW!!!! (or rather, holy chicken!!!)

What a week!!!!  I’m back in Lexington, after an action-packed weekend in San Antonio and a great visit with my sister in Austin.  I can’t even begin to describe the whole experience at NCCC in one post, but I will say that I had such a wonderful time meeting the other 8 contestants and getting […]

National Chicken Contest Press Release

Hi! This is Christine, Brigitte’s sister, writing in. We’re a couple days behind the news, but I just wanted to share with you all the press release covering Brigitte’s Grand Prize win at the National Chicken Cooking Contest! Kentucky Woman’s Ground-Chicken Burger with Asian Zing Wins $50,000 in National Chicken Cooking Contest SAN ANTONIO — […]

Burger-mania and a visit with Sharon Thompson!

I always go for the food section in every newspaper I read and I’m a big fan of Sharon Thompson’s, the Lexington Herald Leader’s food writer.  Michael’s mom, Katy, bought me a signed copy of her cookbook, Flavors of Kentucky, which really helped me acquaint myself with local specialties.  Come check out her blog as […]

I’m so Skirt!

I’m so excited! The Lexington edition of Skirt Magazine has done a short little writeup about me! Check it out at: Don’t forget to read that last sentence in there. (Tee-hee.)

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

I’m getting ready to depart! We’re heading to Louisville in a couple hours where Sullivan University has set up a send-off for us. I’ll try to keep in touch via email and will update my blog if I can access the site. As of now, the USOC hasn’t established any guidelines allowing us to blog […]

In the Lexington Herald Lifestyle mag…

This time it wasn’t for the burger competition…or for anything cooking-related at all! This one was all thanks to Michael. Some folks wanted to do a fashion shoot featuring some everyday locals, and he managed to get us in on it. I thought it would just be for one of those free magazines that no […]